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ALL TOGETHER : Policies for education and learning

Education, education, education. The best investment we can make in the future of Britain is in our people. The way to do that is through good education that creates inquiring minds, entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to innovated and grow.

We want good education for the many, not just the few. We want to educate people as individuals, our goal should never be to create a cloned education system.

We need to excel and celebrate our abilities in science, engineering and the arts.

We want a society of educated people, with a campaign against cultural ignorance and one that brings us ALL TOGETHER.

We need to educate our children not as the Victorian did to do as they are told. But teach to question, scutinise and through that the ability to innovate, reform and develop.

We will embrace 21st century technology of IT and social media and create the most IT literate society on the planet. A society that can use technology to liberate and reform and ensure that all can prosper.

We need an education system that woks for all and one that works by consent.

Our seven point plan is :

1) Longer school days to support working parent with after school clubs for all, whether IT, sport or drama.

2) Empower pupils, parents and teachers in the running of their schools. Impose 4 yearly elections to the post of head teacher with the need for candidates to secure support from each of those constituencies - parents, teachers and pupils.

3) More support for special needs. We need an education system that helps everyone, one that focuses on strengths not just weaknesses. We won't write kids off like the oppositions does.

4) No to Academy schools that are dividing communities and take away choice

5) Impose term limit for school governors to keep schools fresh

6) Graduate tax on high earners. Those earning more than £80,000 to pay extra 2% tax.

7) Overseas support.
Students can opt to work in the charity sector or overseas and the government will repay grants on their behalf. Scheme to run for ten years

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